In the middle of Hamburg – man pees on the roadside and is shot

A scene like from a western film – in the middle of Hamburg!

A man pees on the side of the road and is shot and injured from a moving car.

Police officers guard the seized escape vehicle on St. PauliPhoto: Thomas Knoop

The 26-year-old urinated in a garden in the Altona district on Monday evening. The streets are deserted, he feels unobserved. Suddenly a black Mercedes sedan (A-Class) stops. Five shots crack out in the dark. The Wild-Pissler collapses hit, screams in pain.

He’s grazed his thigh. An emergency doctor takes care of him on the street, the victim is then pushed into the ambulance and taken to the clinic.

Several patrol cars rush to the scene, secure tracks. Big manhunt for the gun man! The nearby motorway entrances to the A 7 will be cordoned off. Initially without success. Finally the escape vehicle is spotted on St. Pauli. The alleged shooter can be arrested. The weapon is also secured.

The background is still completely unclear, the criminal investigation department is investigating. The perpetrator is said to be questioned by investigators that night.


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