In the Maddie McCann case: That’s what the prosecutor says about the alleged Brückner alibi

Praia da Luz – Does he have an alibi or not?

An English TV documentary claims that in the Maddie McCann case, the investigation against Christian Brückner (45) is about to end – because the suspect is said to have an alibi. The investigators now contradict this.

“Neither the accused nor his defense lawyer made any statements about the matter to us,” said public prosecutor Christian Wolters. “We also have no other knowledge of an alibi.”

A new documentary from Great Britain claims that Christian Brückner has an alibi for the night of the crimePhoto: archive

The TV documentary also claims that Brückner was 30 minutes away from the scene of the crime on the evening of the crime and that the cell phone assigned to him was used by another person.

“We have repeatedly emphasized that we can of course only prove that the cell phone was in the radio cell of the crime scene,” said Wolters. “That is precisely why we are feverishly looking for the person we are talking to, because he or she could possibly tell us who he was talking to on the phone.”

Public Prosecutor Christian Wolters

Public Prosecutor Christian WoltersPhoto: Frank Tunnat


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