In the Dutch zoo: gay penguin couple steals nest from lesbian neighbors

It is not uncommon for same-sex penguin pairs to hatch an egg together. The fact that two gay penguins become a pair of thieves in order to become parents is something new.

The nasty attack happened at the beginning of the year in the Amersfoort Dierenpark Zoo in the Netherlands.

And: The two are repeat offenders! Last year they stole an egg to hatch. But this time they grabbed the whole nest – from a neighboring pair of lesbian penguins!

Because: At the moment it is breeding season for the African penguins.

But the thieves will probably remain childless. Zoo keeper Sander Drost: “We already know that the eggs are not fertilized.”

Logical – after all, they stole the egg from two penguin ladies! And so they now sit alternately on the eggs to keep them warm while the partner goes looking for food … and waiting.

In Spain, too, two female penguins hatched a chick together in August. The two new mothers from Oceanogràfic València, Electra and Viola, lovingly looked after the newly hatched offspring.

And what about the next couple of thieves from the Netherlands? They will probably have to wait a little longer for their parents’ happiness. But since penguins breed twice a year, the lesbian couple will soon build a new nest.

When the time comes, you should be more careful. The neighbors are already waiting …

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