In the Berlin subway: man injured with knife after dispute over missing mask | Regional

Berlin – After a dispute over his missing mouth and nose protection, a stranger pulled a knife on Friday afternoon in Berlin-Zehlendorf and injured another passenger.

According to witnesses, the man is said to have got on the subway line 3 at Thielplatz station around 5.30 p.m. and was approached there by several people about his missing mouth and nose protection.

That’s when he became aggressive, screamed and scolded and finally pulled a knife with which he waved.

► At the Oscar-Helene-Heim train station, the man then changed the wagon, shouted loudly there and ran up to a 62-year-old who was standing there with his bike on the train.

The man without a mask is said to have pushed the passenger several times in the ribs and on the head. As the other inmates reported, he held the knife to his throat, injuring the man’s face. He looked confused, so the witnesses.

When the train pulled into the Onkel-Toms-Hütte station, the stranger struck the tires of his victim’s bicycle with a knife and fled towards Riemeisterstrasse.


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