In the Baltic Sea: He found the paddle steamer that sank in 1849 | Regional


Rostock – As soon as they had their luxury ship, it was gone again: sunk on its first voyage across the Baltic Sea.

There, at a depth of 26 meters, the missing “Friedrich Franz II” has now been discovered.

The accident happened on July 22nd, 1849. On the maiden voyage of the paddle steamer, destination Copenhagen. That night the new ship crashed with the paddle steamer “Lübeck” – the port side tore open!

Naval archaeologist Dr. Maik Springmann (53)

Photo: Andreas Duerst

Ship archaeologist Maik-Jens Springmann (53) to BILD: “The ship held for another 45 minutes.” Passengers and crew saved themselves on the “Lübeck”. The “Friedrich Franz II”, built in Glasgow, Scotland, sank.

Springmann: “I came across the ship in archives and was able to reconstruct where it sank.”

Before the Darß. And lo and behold: The wreck was discovered by sonar! “I went down, it was like traveling back in time.” The fragile “floor memorial” should not be lifted.

The ship was luxuriously furnished, with chandeliers and red velvet sofas. It is a bit reminiscent of the “Titanic” because it also sank on its maiden voyage.


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