In Stuttgart – “lateral thinking” wants to end the demo break with a car parade

Stuttgart – After a break of several weeks from the large demonstrations, the founder of the “lateral thinking” initiative, Michael Ballweg, calls for the first major protest event this year.

The entrepreneur announced on Tuesday night via the YouTube video channel that he wanted to demonstrate his movement in a car parade in Stuttgart against the ongoing Corona requirements. According to information from the town hall, the city had not yet received any registration in the morning.

Ballweg had called on his supporters to take a break from the big demonstrations at Christmas. In a video message on the side of the group “lateral thinking 711” from Stuttgart, he argued that he wanted to use the winter to gather strength.

The “lateral thinking” movement is now being observed by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Baden-Württemberg. The State Office assigns several key players in the “lateral thinking” movement to the milieu of Reich citizens and self-administrators who deny the existence of the Federal Republic and negate democratic and constitutional structures.

The Stuttgart group “lateral thinking 711” is something like the nucleus of the now nationwide active Corona protest movement.


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