In Saxon Switzerland: Hobby photographer falls 15 meters from a rock

Pirna – In search of new motifs, a photographer (45) crashed on the Affensteinen near Bad Schandau on Sunday.

Shortly before, he had shared a panorama video on Instagram.

The amateur photographer has been traveling in Saxon Switzerland for years, posting artistically edited motifs on Instagram, which are liked by up to 800 photo friends.

On Sunday morning around 11 a.m., the photographer lost his footing on the Affensteine, fell 15 meters and got stuck in a crevice.

“He was able to make the emergency call himself and stayed in touch with the emergency services until they arrived on site,” said an alarmed mountain rescue worker.

The injured photographer is hanging on the helicopter’s winch

Photo: Marko Foerster

A helicopter dropped the ambulance with a winch. At the same time, the first rescuers reached the scene of the accident on foot. After medical first aid, the photographer was flown to a hospital in Dresden.

A total of 16 volunteer comrades and the helicopter crew were involved in the operation.


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