In front of his parents’ house: dogs bite boys (5) almost dead

They kept biting until the neighbor came with the club!

In Ziegendorf (Ludwigslust-Parchim district), a boy (5) was attacked by three dogs in front of his parents’ house. The child suffered severe bite wounds on several parts of the body. A neighbor noticed the incident and was alerted by the boy’s screams.

The drama happened in this village in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania late Friday afternoonPhoto: private

The man acted immediately, ran to the garden fence and drove the dogs away with a club. He said to BamS: “It was a terrible sight!” The child was flown to the Eppendorf University Hospital in Hamburg in a rescue helicopter.

Dogs are said to be fond of children

It is unclear why the animals, two Rottweilers and a Canary Mastiff, attacked. According to the family, the animals are very fond of children. “It’s terrible and shouldn’t have happened. We’re still in shock,” says a family member.

Rottweilers bite more often than average

Rottweilers bite more often than average (symbol image)Photo: Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The three dogs belong to a family member of the victim. The dog owner has been instructed to leave the dogs in the kennel until further notice. The police are investigating after a complaint of negligent bodily harm.

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