In front of a luxury hotel in Cancun: Two dead after a shooting in Mexico

Cancun – The vacation paradise of Mexico simply does not come to rest.

Again there was a wild shooting in the Latin American country at a place where many tourists actually want to spend their dream vacation. This time the crime scene: the luxury Hyatt Ziva Riviera hotel in Cancun. Gunshots, screams and people fleeing, who sought refuge in the stairwells and the hotel lobby.

According to the police, two suspected drug dealers died in a shootout. According to the officials, “no tourists were seriously injured”. When there was panic in the hotel, the guests were asked to take cover.

There was a clash between warring groups of drug traffickers in the Caribbean town of Puerto Morelos, the state attorney general of the state of Quintana Roo said on Twitter on Thursday. Two members of these groups died in the process.

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico said Thursday that consular officials were investigating social media reports of gunfire at the hotel.

The luxury hotel Hyatt Ziva Riviera in Cancun is particularly popular with American touristsPhoto: PR

Mike Sington, a Twitter user and executive at NBC Universal, wrote to Reuters that he was hiding in a dark area of ​​the hotel with other guests and that the staff had not explained what was going on.

Other guests told him they heard gunfire and that an armed man was on the beach, he said.

About two weeks earlier, two tourists were killed in a shootout between two rival drug gangs in a bar in Tulum – further south on the same coast: an Indian and a German. Criminals fired assault rifles at the popular “La Malquerida” bar, and Jennifer H. (35) from Nuremberg, who was on vacation with friends, died in the process.

In June, two men were shot dead and a female tourist injured on a public beach in Cancun.


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