In Deauville, an Easter Festival under a bell

Deauville seems asleep under the cold sun of this opening Saturday of the festival. On the beach and its boards, few walkers … A few kites hover, rare windsurfers and riders scatter by the sea …

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But eight panels suggest the holding of the Easter Festival created in 1997 by Yves Petit de Voize. ” The August Musical 2020 could be held with a gauge of 200 people, he congratulates himself. We welcomed the young musicians, offering them a place to work, an activity and money with 40 concerts. The elders, like Renaud Capuçon, Nicholas Angelich, Jérôme Pernoo or Adrien La Marca, are still there, sharing the bill with their younger siblings. And, since the start of the pandemic, the festival has been helping artists by paying for rehearsals. ” That’s expensive, notes Yves Petit de Voize. But our role is to support them in all circumstances. We help them find a job, to create sets. These budding soloists discover the orchestra here. »Thus, several artists who have passed through Deauville have spread across the phalanxes of Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, or have founded groups such as the Modigliani Quartets, Ebène, the Les Cris de Paris choir…

The patronage crisis

The budgets were maintained, the partners consolidating their subsidies. ” The State is very responsive, help available within 15 days. The City of Deauville also, welcomes the director. Only the sponsors are absent, representing half of the resources: hence a half-festival and paid access to streaming.

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The first concert brought together 7 musicians (1), in the Trio n ° 1 with Schubert piano and The night transfigured of Schönberg, in an atmosphere of a studio empty of all its parasite, occupied by cameras and microphones, in front of a handful of guests. And if the concentration was difficult listening to the Trio, with a notorious imbalance between strings and keyboard, the execution of the string sextet proved to be invigorating!


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