In Bobigny, shopping rhymes with solidarity

The local grocery store is cramped at the bottom of a social housing bar located a few hundred meters from the town hall of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis). And quite unexpected things are happening there. ” Your professional life, how are you? Haven’t you found a job? And what were you doing before? Would you like to do a training or not? The questions arise between two racks of tin cans. They summarize the approach of Clara Robin-Horn, 60, who has put her determination to serve the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

Its “solidarity grocery store” not only helps families to feed themselves, it plays the role of “airlock” to exchange and facilitate integration: the women who come here to stock up on oil and spaghetti are oriented towards social devices. The grocery store also serves as a place of welcome to break the vicious circle of isolation. Clara Robin-Horn insists with her “client”:

“Here, this is a box of small vegetables, it’s good. And above all, if you have no morale, you come! You don’t stay alone, you come for a coffee or a tea! “

This unique grocery store, enlivened by a profusion of green plants, is called “Wicasaya”. ” It’s a word that comes from Sioux, it means with humanity”, She explains. The Amerindians have their heads in the stars, their feet in the earth, that represents me well. “

TRIBUNE. “In the next world, the social and solidarity economy is the solution! “

Clara Robin-Horn a

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