In Baden-Württemberg: Only three wolves left in the country

Aidlingen – In Baden-Württemberg only three wolves roam the forests permanently.

So far, a quartet had always been assumed, but no trace of the once resident wolf has been detected in the Odenwald for a long time, as the responsible Ministry of the Environment announced on Thursday in Aidlingen (Boeblingen district).

The so-called wolf prevention support area should remain in the Odenwald region, said Secretary of State for the Environment Andre Baumann (Greens).

A wolf is considered sedentary if clear evidence can still be found after six months. If an animal becomes a regular guest, so to speak, a support area is designated in the region.

There, special requirements apply to herd protection – it must be wolf-repellent. In return, the state in the development area reimburses almost all costs for the additional herd protection.

A whole pack of wolves has not yet settled in Baden-Württemberg – and that will probably take a while. Because the three remaining animals in the Black Forest are males. The situation is different in the other federal states: Across Germany, 157 wolf packs are currently recorded, as can be seen from the surveys of the federal states for the 2020/2021 monitoring year.

Most wolves live in Lusatia, which stretches from north-eastern Saxony to southern Brandenburg.


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