In Alaska: Baby abandoned in a box in the freezing cold

Fairbanks (USA) – These are lines that go to the heart.

“Please help me. My parents and grandparents don’t have enough food or money to raise me. Take me with you and find a loving family for me. My name is Teshawn. ”

With this message on a piece of paper, a mother put her newborn baby in a cardboard box at an intersection near Fairbanks, Alaska!

Local resident Roxy Lane heard baby noises near her mailbox on New Year’s Eve afternoon, and came across the box. Inside: the baby wrapped in blankets. “I was born around 6 am and was born twelve weeks early,” it said on the piece of paper. My mother feels terrible for abandoning me.

This note was attached to the infant. In the letter, the relatives of the child apologize for their act of desperationPhoto: facebook

It is bitterly cold in Fairbanks, with average temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius. The good news: the baby is very healthy and is being cared for in a nearby clinic.

Roxy Lane posted her cute find on social media, commenting: “Obviously someone in our community was so desperate that they made what is probably the hardest decision of their life, leaving this innocent life with nothing but a blanket and a name on the side of the road.”

The authorities are now looking for the child’s mother.


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