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The belief in a Vietnam that won the epidemic, the gratitude to the medical staff and the spirit of overcoming fate are conveyed by the children in their drawings and letters.

Among 2,000 paintings, there are works that impress viewers because of their meticulousness, meticulousness in composition, color and meaning. The painting with the message “consciousness is key, positivity is no longer” by 15-year-old Nguyen Thi Hong Anh is considered by many readers to be very soulful. In the picture, Anh paints images of doctors and nurses as superheroes fighting against Covid-19. The soul of the painting is shown by the determined and determined eyes of the heroes in protective suits.

Touched by the sacrifice of Mr. Vu Quoc Cuong, the owner of a volunteer rice restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, who unfortunately passed away due to Covid-19, Doan Trong Nghia and his mother drew a picture to express their gratitude. Nghia is 8 years old, has autism, has mental retardation. Completing a picture with you is unthinkable. His mother had to help with coloring and could not hide her surprise when this was the first time the boy cooperated to complete a picture.

Children from more than 40 provinces across the country participating in the contest have special circumstances. Many children are still struggling with diseases, struggling with pain to fight for their lives. Some are stuck in hospitals, live far from their families or cannot go to the hospital for treatment because of Covid-19.

What they all have in common is their innocence and desire for a peaceful life, free of pandemics. That wish is partly expressed through the painting “Consistency to defeat Covid” by Dang Pham Tue Giang, 12 years old, Hue.

Vu Ngoc Khanh, 12 years old, is impressed by the silent sacrifices of medical staff, militiamen, policemen, soldiers, volunteers… health and meals for the people. That’s why, I painted the picture “Going to Vietnam”, expressing my respect for the efforts of the frontline forces in the gun-free war. I hope the soldiers, doctors… always stay safe and healthy to help Vietnam win the pandemic.

Hoang Thi Son, 15 years old, Quang Binh sketches the moment when doctors and nurses strode hastily on the hospital corridor to enter the battle for the life of Covid-19 patients. Although the picture does not describe the face or eyes, the picture still evokes emotions for viewers about the tension, hardship but also full of determination and effort on the front lines.

In the literary composition section, 14-year-old Nguyen Vu Duy from Nam Dinh is a very active contestant. Having a malignant brain tumor, Duy always maintains a strong will. As soon as he knew about the contest, Duy wrote many poems with the desire to give more motivation to the people of the country.

In his small form, the 14-year-old boy is filled with thoughts and feelings for his homeland. The poems I write bring clarity and hope for the future. In the poem “Trust to win”, Duy wrote “May the enemy win / Joy will shine again in the autumn of our hometown / Together we welcome the sunrise / After the rain, the rainbow will shine again”.

The letter “Let’s live like a flower” by Nguyen Huyen Trang, 13 years old, in Tuyen Quang. Trang is fighting with acute myeloid leukemia all the time. I have never given up on the desire to live and do good things in life. I hope to go to school with my friends and dream of studying well to become a doctor, helping many people cope with diseases.

Trang wrote: “Some people like roses, chrysanthemums, apricots, … but for me, if I could ‘live like a flower’, I would choose to be a sunflower because the sunflower has a yellow color of hope and direction. about the sun”. I also liken doctors and nurses to sunflowers, always shining to bring hope to many people.

The poem “Beyond Fate” by 13-year-old Nguyen Van Trang from Nghe An expresses the gratitude and respect of the pediatric patient for the dedication of the doctors and nurses. Zhuang unfortunately had a serious illness. Her illness caused the whole family to struggle, as if they had lost the joy in life. But thanks to the doctors, Trang has more confidence to continue her journey. I promise to myself that I will make efforts to help my family and society in the future.

More than 2,000 entries for the contest “For a Vietnam to win” all have their own beauty and meaning. For many children, painting is a way to help them feel relaxed and comfortable. Colorful pictures are a little joy for children in difficult days. In addition, the works submitted to the contest are also words of encouragement from the children to the people of the country, especially the medical staff, medical staff, and volunteers against the epidemic.

VnExpress readers can vote for works participating in the contest. Voting scores will account for 30% of the total score of the test. The award announcement ceremony and exhibition of works will be held at the end of October.

Hoai Phuong


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