Important feature for iPhone users, complete information about privacy on App Store

Your data is most valuable in the digital age. Nowadays there are many such apps which steal your personal data and earn your money from it. Now Apple has released the update of ios 14.3 for all their iPhones. Along with this, a new privacy policy has also been launched. This is a very important feature for iPhone users.

Apple App Privacy Feature What is itThe

Keeping in mind the security of the data of its users, Apple has made a rule for the app developer on its App Store. In which all the apps on the Apple App Store have to tell the developers about App Privacy. In such a situation, you can read the privacy policy of that app before downloading any app from the App Store. The app has to give you other information including data collection and access. After app privacy, you will know what an app is doing to your data. This policy is applicable to all apps of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Also, this rule also applies to Apple’s inhouse apps.

How will it work App Privacy Feature The

Suppose you are downloading WhatsApp from App Store then you will search WhatsApp in App Store. Now when you scroll down, you will see the App Privacy feature. Where you will find the section of App Privacy. Here it will be clearly told that what information will be accessed by WhatsApp. Apart from this, there will also be a sub-section of Data Linked to You. In which you will be told where your data can be used.

Let me tell you, the purpose of this policy of Apple is to make developers responsible. Although many apps, including WhatsApp, are opposing this, they say that the app is applying this rule only for third party apps which are already present in the iPhone.


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