Impactful, immersive, moving… The cinema releases of March 16

Full time ***

by Eric Gravel

French film, 1 h 27

By following his heroine as closely as possible, Éric Gravel signs an oppressive film in which Laure Calamy embodies, with desperate eyes and a forced smile, the “mental overload” of these mothers, often alone, whose exhausting daily life is subject to economic necessities. A punchy film, more convincing than many speeches.

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Notre-Dame burns **

by Jean-Jacques Annaud

French film, 1h50
Skilfully combining reconstructed scenes and real images, some of which have never been seen before, the director first recounts the sequence of circumstances that led to the disaster, before plunging the viewer into the trying hours during which the whole nation united around the one of its emblems. A great immersive show.

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My Wife’s Story **

by Ildiko Enyedi

Hungarian film, 2 h 49

Adaptation of a monument of Hungarian literature, Ildiko Enyedi’s film unfolds in a classic and sophisticated – and sometimes a little starchy – form to depict the torments of a man (Gijs Naber, remarkable), prisoner of a love for a woman (Léa Seydoux) who eats away at him slowly.

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Between the waves **

by Anais Volpe

French film, 1 h 51

The director Anaïs Volpé was inspired by her beginnings as an actress to tell how two young actresses will put their friendship to the test by trying to forge a place in the world of cinema. Déborah Lukumuena (Alma) and Souheila Yacoub (Margot) breathe great energy into this film of overwhelming sincerity.

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A Son of the South **
by Barry Alexander Brown

American film, 1 h 45

Produced by Spike Lee, this film with conventional staging tells the story of Bob Zellner, son and grandson of a member of the Ku Klux Klan, who became an activist for the rights of African-Americans.

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