If you use WhatsApp throughout the day, then set the dark mode feature now, the eyes will not have this problem

People are using WhatsApp the most in the phone. Whether it is to have a personal chat or a conversation related to professional and business people, people are doing it through WhatsApp. Especially during the time of Corona, most people are doing work from home, so the use of WhatsApp has increased for every work. Some people keep their WhatsApp on 24 hours. In this case, running WhatsApp for too long can damage your eyes. However, now a special feature has come on WhatsApp, in which you can change the mode. You can enable or disable dark mode by going to settings. After this, WhatsApp will be seen in black color. After enabling dark mode, the brightness of the screen will decrease, this will reduce the pressure on the eyes.

How to turn on dark mode?
1- Go to WhatsApp in your phone and click on WhatsApp settings
2- Go to the option of chats in the settings and on going to chats the theme option will appear
3- In the theme you will see two options, Light and Dark. From which, by clicking on the dark, the screen of your WhatsApp will go into Black ie Dark Mode.
4- By following this step, you can also light the screen of WhatsApp, in which the background light looks white.

If you want, you can also turn on Dark Mode in WhatsApp web, for this go into the settings of WhatsApp and then click on the theme. Here you will see the option of light and dark in which you can enable the dark mode by clicking on the dark.

To turn on the dark mode, first of all, see whether the 2.20.13 version of WhatsApp is downloaded in your phone. If it is not a version, download it. If you download a new version of WhatsApp, go to the settings of this WhatsApp and make a chat backup so that your data will be saved.


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