If you have also set such a password then be alert! Can become a target of hackers

The number of internet users in India has increased rapidly in the last few years. Now when so many people will use the Internet, then obviously the risk of hacking will also remain. Often people complain about the fraud that happened to them but ignore their negligence. People do not know that having a simple password makes the job of hackers easier. In such a situation, users should set their password in such a way that even the biggest hackers cannot break it. Today we are going to tell you password tips. Let’s know about them.

password should be like this
If you want to have a strong password, then keep at least 8 characters and use upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols in it. The password should not be such that it can be easily guessed. Never enter your personal details like name, address, phone number, email etc. in your password. Also keep changing the password time to time. If you have shared your password with anyone, change it immediately.

Don’t forget to keep this password
The password is always remembered, so most users put their mobile number, date of birth or their name in the password. By doing this, the work of hackers becomes even easier. To break any password, hackers first apply these three things as passwords and they become successful in this. Remember, do not use name, date of birth or mobile number as your password. Password should always be unique and strong.

Password must be different
Often we also do that one enters the same password in all our social media platforms. This is the reason that hackers hack all your accounts with the same password. Always use different passwords on different platforms. So that the possibility of hacking can be reduced. Common passwords make it easy for hackers to break into your account.

Will not become a target of hackers
To protect your social media accounts from hackers, make sure to use special characters in addition to letters and numbers in the password. Write down all your passwords in one place so that even if you forget your password, you can see it there. Also, use different passwords across all your platforms. By keeping these things in mind, you can keep your accounts safe.

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