If you do not accept the WhatsApp rules in the year 2021, you will have to delete the account

New Delhi If you are also a WhatsApp user, then it is important for you to know that the service rules of this app are going to change from the new year. This change may come into effect from 8 February next year. Not only this, if after these changes you will not accept the term of service of WhatsApp, then you will have to delete your account. In simple language, you will be able to use it only after accepting the rules of WhatsApp.

According to the report of WhatsApp related information website wabetainfo.com, this messaging app is going to make many changes in its service next year. In these, two main conditions will be asked to be accepted. How the first WhatsApp processes your data.

Another is how to use Facebook hosted services to store and manage your WhatsApp chat for business. By tapping on the Agri option, users will be able to continue using the app only after accepting the terms. If you do not accept it, then you will have the option to delete your account.

These new terms will be announced in the coming weeks. Significantly, WhatsApp has also stamped on bringing these conditions. In the coming days, the company can give more information related to this. Right now all these changes are going on continuously. Hopefully they will be implemented in the new year.


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