If you are also going to buy a new Wi-Fi router, then select it

Often people complain that the speed of the Wi-Fi router in the house is slow. Internet runs very slowly even after taking good plans. If you are also facing this problem, then today we will solve your problem. We will tell you how to increase Wi-Fi speed. Along with this, it will also tell which Wi-Fi router to buy.

Set up Wi-Fi in the right place
For good speed of Wi-Fi, the most important thing is that the Wi-Fi router should be installed in such a place in the house, so that its range can come in every corner of the house. Do not put it on the ground or on the wall. Also, keep in mind that there is no metal thing around it.

Like smartphones, keep updating Wi-Fi routers from time to time so that it maintains good speed. You can check about the latest updates by visiting the website of the company whose router you have.

In many Wi-Fi routers, the antenna gets damaged, which affects the speed of the Wi-Fi. There are many routers whose antenna can be changed and you can get good Wi-Fi speed.

If your Wi-Fi signal is not available in many rooms or in any corner of the house, then you can use repeaters. For this, you can use a cable, with this you can increase the range of Wi-Fi signal.

change settings
If a website is taking a long time to open while using Wi-Fi, then you will have to make some changes in its settings. You can use another DNS by going to the Wi-Fi router settings. You can use Google’s Public DNS. After this your website will open fast.

Which Wi-Fi Router Should You Buy?
If your Wi-Fi router is out of date and you want to buy a new Wi-Fi router then you should buy a dual band router. They can get you Wi-Fi signal in every corner of the house.

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