If you also clean your phone with sanitizer, then be careful, it may cause damage

Due to the Corona virus spreading all over the world, people are being repeatedly advised to wash their hands with soap and use sanitizer. People are afraid that we might get infected. That is why people go out of the house with sanitation and mask. After coming from somewhere, they make themselves well infection free. In such a situation, many people use sanitizer to disinfect their phone too.

Sanitary damage to the phone

Screen and speaker may be defective
Some people also use anti-bacterial weight-wipes to clean the phone, but some people are using hand sanitizer. The sanitizer containing alcohol is put on top of the phone and rubbed and cleaned. But do you know that doing so can harm your phone. More sanitizer can also damage your phone screen, headphone jack and speaker.

The phone may have a short circuit
After Corona, the number of recovers at the phone repairing center has increased significantly. Mostly such phones are coming to the repair center which have been cleaned with sanitizer. A mechanic at the center said that many people are sanitizing the mobile in such a way that the sanitizer enters the headphone jack. There is also a risk of short circuit in the phone.

Display and camera can also be bad
The color of your phone can change when the phone is cleaned with a sanitizer. Alcohol-based sanitizer can also damage the phone’s display and camera lens. This may cause the phone’s display to turn yellow.

Clean the phone like this

Use cotton
If you want to clean the phone from the sanitizer, then first turn off the phone. Now take a piece of cotton and put a sanitizer on it. Now clean the screen of your phone with this in a straight line. Keep in mind that the amount of rubbing alcohol should be reduced in cotton. Apart from this, you can also know the right way to clean your phone by calling customer care. Phone materials and displays of different companies are different.

Use wipes
The best way to clean the mobile is the medicated wipes with 70 percent alcohol available in the market. With these wipes you can clean your phone easily. With the wipe, you can clean the corners and back panel of the phone well. By this, the bacteria of the phone are also cleaned and the phone does not get spoiled.

Anti bacterial paper
There is also a safe bacterial tissue paper for mobile cleaning. You can buy these wipes from any medical store. With these papers you can clean your phone. These wipes are very dry due to which there is no damage to the mobile.

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