If you adopt this trick then your old laptop will run like new

Of course, the cases of corona are almost ending now and offices are also opening, but work from home culture has increased the use of laptops. Due to continuous use, the battery of the laptop also gets affected and the battery starts draining very quickly. In such a situation, many people change the battery or start thinking of changing the laptop. Today we will tell you some tricks that will fix the battery of your laptop and give good backup.

switch to windows 11

Like the phone, your laptop also has the option of battery saver mode. This option works smoothly on Windows 11. You have to keep this setting on. After this the problem of battery draining will go away to a great extent.

Change these settings also

Apart from coming to Windows 11, you also need to make some changes in the settings of your laptop. You should make the following changes immediately.

  • If the laptop is on then click on the start button. After that type setting.
  • In Settings, you will see the System Menu option. Here you have to select the option of Power and Battery.
  • Now click on Battery option and select Battery saver option.
  • Now you have to click on Turn On Now.
  • After this, set the limit of battery percentage, after which you want the battery saver to start working.
  • However, keep in mind that after turning on this setting, sometimes the problem of lagging will also start coming in the laptop.

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