If there is a threat to safety, then get your location removed from Google Map like this

Google Map Latest Feature: You must be well aware of Google’s Street View and Apple Look Around. Both these platforms show you high quality street level images of any location. The quality of both of these is such that if a person is present there on the timing of that location, then that too is visible to you in the map to a great extent. In such a situation, such photos can sometimes be dangerous from the security point of view and the person to whom the photo or location is related can get into trouble, but in a way you can avoid this danger. Let us know what is that method.

With a big name, there is a possibility of untoward incident.

According to the report, a few days ago Google Street View and Apple Lookaround blurred the photo of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s house. This was done because of the apprehension of some anti-social element chasing them.

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In this way you can remove the image

If you also have a apprehension of something untoward, then you can also contact these two companies to blur or remove the photo of your house or location. To do this you will need to contact the company. You can send your complaint to the email id of the company. Below we are sharing with you the page related to the complaint for both the companies. You can also proceed with the complaint process by clicking here.

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