If the vaccine is available, more than 10,000 doctors will want to help

More than 10,000 doctors want to help when the vaccine is available!

This was the result of a survey by the Funke media group among the statutory health insurance associations in the federal states.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) expects that vaccination can begin in January at the latest. Vaccines are to be distributed via almost 30 delivery points in the federal states. From there it goes on to regional vaccination centers, for which halls, stadiums and hotels are currently being prepared.

The government hopes that this will allow more people to be vaccinated faster. There are also serums that need to be stored particularly cool. Since we are talking about larger quantities, doctors’ practices and pharmacies cannot guarantee this.

However, the vaccination should take place later in the practices.

Who should get the vaccine first?

The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) has already submitted a draft vaccination plan. Thereafter, older people over 80, nursing home residents and staff with a high risk of infection are to be vaccinated. This corresponds to around 8.6 million people. The federal states and medical societies can, however, take a position on this.

In the UK, mass vaccination began on Tuesday after Biontech and Pfizer’s RNA vaccine received national emergency approval. In the USA, an advisory committee to the FDA has now also given the go-ahead for an emergency approval.

The approval test is still ongoing in the EU. As soon as it is there, Spahn expects eleven million vaccine doses only from these two cooperating companies by the end of March 2021. That would allow 5.5 million people to be vaccinated.


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