“If the restaurants remain closed until the end of the year, it will be dramatic”

Bars and restaurants, which are also among the places of strong contamination, will not be able to reopen from 1er December », Prime Minister Jean Castex said in an interview with« Le Monde »this weekend. A shock for restaurant owners, even though the Covid-19 epidemic seems to be on the decline and the curves of new hospital admissions are stabilizing in France. Worse, according to “Le Point” this Monday November 16, the reopening of bars and restaurants will not take place before January 15, 2021, or even the 1er February. A massive blow (which has yet to be confirmed) for a sector that represents more than 161,000 companies and 486,000 jobs. ” A very violent frustration », Reacts the chef Yves Camdeborde, owner of several restaurants in Paris (Le Comptoir) and Bordeaux, with “L’Obs”. Interview.

Yves Camdeborde, chef, in April 2016

The reopening of restaurants is mentioned after the end of the year celebrations, for January 15, or even February 1, 2021. What does that mean to you?

If the restaurants remain closed until the end of the year, it will be dramatic. For us, the end of the year is crucial. In Paris, my four biggest months are June, October, November and December. And we had good hopes of reopening in December to take advantage of all the business meals organized before Christmas by small and large companies who want to mark the end of the year with their employees. If this is confirmed, it will add to a situation for you

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