“I lost one hour of lessons”: This is how testing works in schools

Of: N. Gottlieb and P. Hackemann

Munich – Back to class – but only with a negative Corona smear: Since yesterday there has been a lot of testing in Bavaria’s schools.

BILD was present at the state-approved “Innovative Schools Munich”. It was calm and orderly. “After this busy year of distance lessons and all the lockdowns, our students are resistant. They are now doing everything, ”says school founder Stefan Ostermaier (58).

In a separate room, each student was given their test kit one after the other, supervised by medical specialists. After a few minutes the procedure was done. Next please.

► And how did it go at other Munich schools? Oliver Berg (60), headmaster of the Obermenzinger Gymnasium: “It worked out well, but of course it was a lot of effort. The first hour was completely spent on it. Fortunately, nobody was positive today. But we also had worried colleagues: older teachers in particular were afraid because the children had to take off their masks when testing. “

► Ulrike Hohl (53), headmistress of the Tumblingen elementary school: “It went very well, our colleagues were very well prepared. A total of almost 180 children were tested, fortunately none of them were positive. Self-tests in first graders in particular are demanding, but also worked well with the help of their parents. “

According to the Ministry of Culture, every district and every city received test kits. A total of around 17 million pieces.


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