Hypnosis session for sleeping with the technique of Bertrand Piccard

VIDEOS – Coach and YouTuber Benjamin Lubszynski was inspired by the self-hypnosis technique used by explorer Bertrand Piccard during his round-the-world trip aboard the Solar Impulse solar plane.

“Since childhood, I have always wanted to be an explorer”. Coming from a large family of adventurer, aeronaut, oceanaut, Bertrand Piccard has been immersed in adventure from a young age. For Figaro Live, he talks with the shrink and coach Benjamin Lubszynski about the unique journey that led him to make his round-the-world trip aboard Solar Impulse.

To sleep in the cockpit of this solar-powered plane, Betrand Piccard used a method of self-hypnosis that you can follow with this video.

What is this video for?

This video designed by Benjamin Lubszynski aims to help you fall asleep. Inspire by the true self-hypnosis method used by Bertrand Piccard aboard his solar plane, it also gives you a way to try your hand at this technique. Practice it regularly to get to sleep quickly in all conditions.

How to follow this session?

Launch the video at the top of this article and let yourself be guided.

Close your eyes if you like, or focus on the pictures.

Let yourself be guided!

You can also find the whole of this session in podcast to listen to it from any phone.

Also find in video on Figaro Live the entire inspiring interview between Bertrand Piccard and Benjamin Lubszynski.

Full interview

Bertrand Piccard is the first guest of the new season of the Inspirations series. In this series available on video and audio podcast, Benjamin Lubszynski looks back on the journey of inspiring personalities from the world of science, the arts and business.

Inspirations # 1 – the inspiring journey of explorer Bertrand Piccard, presented by Benjamin Lubszynski – Watch on Figaro Live


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