Hypnosis session for deep sleep, by Benjamin Lubszynski

VIDEOS – Figaro Live offers a selection of free videos to help you relax and fall asleep. In this exclusive session, coach Benjamin Lubszynski invites you to go in search of a deep and restful sleep.

This unprecedented hypnosis session, available in the video at the top of this article, is inspired by an interview between Benjamin Lubszynski, coach and youtuber, and the famous French freediver Guillaume Néry.

How to follow this session?

Prefer a quiet and airy space to enjoy this moment. If possible, turn off your cell phone notifications. Relax your muscles, for example you can stretch yourself slightly. Ideally, bring a headset to follow this video.

Finally, launch the video and let yourself be guided.

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This free video hypnosis session is inspired by the meeting between Benjamin Lubszynski, coach and youtubeur and Guillaume Néry, famous French freediving champion, to be found in this third meeting of our Inspirations series.

Guillaume Néry, the underwater traveler

“Not to redo what has already been done is a source and a form of inspiration”.

In just one of them, a single breath, Guillaume Néry can dive to a depth of 126 meters and hold 6 minutes underwater, without breathing.

Several times record holder and world champion in constant weight freediving, Guillaume Néry participated in the interview with Benjamin Lubszynski:

Inspirations # 3 – the exceptional course of freediver Guillaume Néry – Watch on Figaro Live


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