Husband and wife died at the same time

AmericaOn November 24, led by Covid-19, Patricia and Mr. Leslie were breathing their last at almost the same time, after 47 years of marriage.

“Like a love story Romeo and Juliet. They don’t want to be without each other,” their daughter, Joanna Sisk said.

Patricia McWaters, 78, also known as Pat, is a nurse who has been working in the operating room at Foote Allegiance Hospital in Jackson, Michigan, for 35 years.

The couple Leslie and Patricia McWaters died on the same day of Covid-19. Image: MSNBC.

Mr. Leslie McWaters, 75, was a truck driver and a veteran of the US Naval Reserve. He was praised for being funny, and he liked to make friends and family laugh.

They first met at a bar and often go there to dance. Grandparents drove the 1959 Corvette to car shows, played cards and other games with the family. They have two daughters, three grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

“Losing a family member has been a hard thing to accept. But my family even lost two at the same time. Everyone was so devastated,” Sisk said.

To date, Michigan has recorded 378,000 Covid-19 cases and about 9,400 people have died from the disease. Since November 15, the state government has declared a state of emergency, demanding social segregation and banning collective activities to prevent outbreaks.

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