Hundreds of young people participate in designing phone cases

Young people put 3D models, color tricks to create visual effects, familiar images of life into the design of the Galaxy Z Flip3 phone case.

Z Flip3 is one of the creative icons of the Korean electronics company. Clamshell folding design offers a new way of experiencing, accompanied by a beautiful appearance, a stylish case that can turn your phone into a unique fashion accessory. In order to continue to inspire creativity for young people, Samsung held a phone case design contest with a total prize of 60 million VND.

The contest started on May 21, so far, it has received more than 300 entries with more than 1,000 fancy designs from young people. With the theme “showing your Z-nature”, the deadline to receive the design is until June 18.

Young people can show off their aesthetic taste by decorating Galaxy Z Flip3 phone cases in two ways: sketching or drawing digitally on case images provided by the organizers; Design, decorate, sketch the actual case, and then take a photo of this case to go with the outfit. Contest photos are posted on the contest’s personal page and Fanpage.

Zin Le’s design with eye-catching embossed shapes. Image: Facebook character

Eligible entries will be scored based on the following factors: quality images, beautiful design, clear images, messages and titles that convey the right topic. The audience can press the like button, comment on the most impressive contests to contribute in choosing the prize.

In more than 1,000 designs submitted, the contestants demonstrated their unique taste, design skills and diversity in materials and themes. As with Zin Le’s account, she chose the style of embossed 3D textures on the background. Using symbols such as snowflakes, sun, butterfly wings and stylized drawings, the case pattern has a personal and fancy impression.

Entries by Thanh Tat Chau (left) and Quoc Anh Dang. Image: Facebook character

And in Thanh Tat Chau’s contest, the clear impression is the unique and disruptive color scheme. He also introduced youthful motifs such as writing on LED signs and animation to express the message of a joyful, colorful world. Hiphop is a street culture that attracts many young people, becoming the inspiration for Quoc Anh Dang to design a model for the contest.

A Samsung representative said that the unit always strives to go hand in hand with youth culture. In addition to launching smartphones with different looks and features, the company encourages the spirit of creativity and personal expression through contests for Gen Z. This contest also creates a challenging playground for Gen Z. prizes for the winners.

(From left to right) Works by Le Cong Tuan and The Van. Image: Facebook character

“This year’s Breaking Style Contest brings the challenge of defining the ‘Z’ inside each young person, showing off each person’s unique style and personality. Thereby, we want to inspire a creative journey every day. Every discovery in life from work and hobbies can become a design symbol, igniting each person’s creativity, “said this representative.

Minh Tu

Young people participate to submit their entries here for a chance to receive a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 phone and a limited edition case set; Galaxy Buds2 headset, one million dong voucher.


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