Huge damage, zero loot: This is what a blown ATM looks like

Eschborn – The damage: six figures. The booty: zero. Strangers – a couple according to witnesses – blew up an ATM at a kiosk that night.

Shortly after 3 o’clock there was a tremendous blow on Berliner Strasse, debris flew through the air. Damaged a building and one.

Witnesses saw two dark clad people – a man about 1.90 meters tall and probably a woman about 1.70 meters tall – fleeing. According to the current state of investigation, however, without money. The police: “It cannot be ruled out that other people were involved in the crime.”

Kripo officers investigate the exploded machine

Photo: Jürgen Mahnke

A large manhunt involving a helicopter was immediately initiated. But it was unsuccessful. For information on the machine sprinkler, please contact: 06192 / 2079-0

Police are looking for serial perpetrators The third bomb was addressed to “Hipp”

Teaser picture

Source: BILD / Nonstopnews



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