HSV Hamburg: sensational game by Tissier near Aue

How many low blows can this HSV take?

Six corona infections, three failures, a goalkeeper Kokoszka who fell ill shortly before the game, a red card in the 34th minute for captain Weller. So what!

The handball players shook themselves and won in the 2nd division in front of 500 admitted spectators sensationally 35:32 (16:14) against feared opponent Aue. Because Leif Tissier made a sensational game.

Leif is ripe!

The 20-year-old was a strong director, scuttled the Aue defense on his nimble legs, created space for the strong Jan Forstbauer (ten goals) and scored nine times himself.

Even the excessive red for Niklas Weller (assault) could be coped with. Coach Torsten Jansen simply sent youth circle runner Thore Feit onto the field. Despite his only 17 years of age, he stood his ground in defense and attack, and even threw his first second division goal. “Thore with his first gate. And that in Aue. Hats off “, praised Jansen and grinned:” That’ll cost him a case of beer now. “

Goalkeeper Jonas Maier: “We played brilliantly in attack in the second half. A crazy fighting game and two points that make us happy. “

Jansen again: “It’s great how the guys compensated for the failures. We fought our way through the attack. It will now be a decent return trip. “

Goals: Forstbauer 10, Tessier 9, Bauer 6, Bergemann 4, Ossenkopp 2, Gertges, Feit, Schimmelbauer, Weller 1 each.

► Carl Löfström threw seven goals at 32:21 between Lübeck-Schwartau and Eisenach.


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