HSV Hamburg: next success! HSV is marching towards the Bundesliga

The HSV handball players remain unbeaten in their 15th game in a row. At 27:24 (12:11) in Dormagen, the championship leader fought for two more points for the big goal of promotion.

The Hamburgers, who competed without Jan Forstbauer (Rüchen) and Dominik Vogt (Zeh), can now relax and watch how the competition is doing over the weekend …

HSV marches on!

After 40 minutes, HSV expanded their lead to two or three goals – and held it right through to the finish line. For HSV it was the first success on the Rhine since the restart in 2016 – after two defeats (28:31, 23:32). It was celebrated accordingly. As a DJ, Leif Tissier put on booming good-mood music in the cabin.

“The great atmosphere is an extremely important factor for us,” explains Captain Lukas Ossenkopp with a scratched voice. “We know when to work hard and when we can enjoy it.”

The 60 minutes was hard work. Dormagen tried to take away the joy of playing from HSV. Previously, the club had already taken and annoyed points at Gummersbach, Lübbecke and Schwartau at home – every action against HSV was accordingly uncompromising.

Senden exaggerated, saw after a slap in the face from Philipp Bauer Rot (5th). Bauer, who already had a few concussions, had to get out. Memories of the preseason came back.

“He got me right. I noticed something afterwards, ”explains Bauer, who was checked by a doctor on site. “I also suffered a concussion last year in Dormagen. I’m now vulnerable. “

The 24-year-old tried again at halftime – in vain. Bauer: “It was a good decision not to play any more. My head is booming a bit. But it’s not like when I had problems with light or volume. ”Bauer now allows himself some rest and hopes that his head will recover over the weekend.

Ossenkopp: “Dormagen has arrived properly. However, we did not allow ourselves to be influenced by it, but countered. What sets us apart is that we can cope with failures. Two new guys come in and rock the thing. “

Goals: Tissier 5, Weller 5/2, Axmann 5/4, Schimmelbauer 4, Bauer, Bergemann 2 each, Hausmann, Wullenweber, Gertges, Kleineidam 1 each.


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