How to use a vacuum cleaner properly?

If the robot vacuum cleaner only helps you deal with flat floor surfaces, the vacuum cleaner is more multi-functional when it can help you vacuum in every corner, lower and upper…

The question is, are you using your handheld vacuum properly? Please note the important rules of vacuuming below to ensure the most effective cleaning job.

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Use the right type of vacuum cleaner

Are you using the right vacuum for your floor type? For example, a handheld vacuum with a vacuum head with a beater bar is optimal for cleaning carpets, but the non-removable beater can damage hard surface floors.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should carefully consider the accessories of the machine, the current floor type and the decor of your home. This helps you choose the right product. For example, your house has many floors, does not have many electrical outlets, should not buy a wired type, but should choose a wireless type…

Remember, every vacuum cleaner, no matter what type, has its own instructions for use. It is advisable to take the time to read the operating instructions to see if they are suitable and convenient for your needs.

Familiarize yourself with the structure and accessories of the vacuum cleaner

Hand-held vacuum cleaners basically have an air intake pipe, a garbage can, a filter that helps keep dirt and exhaust air, a motor that generates suction, an exhaust hole, etc. When buying a machine, you should open the product. out to see their structure and know the working process of the machine.

In addition, it is necessary to learn about the accessories of the vacuum cleaner and proficiently use them in each different space. For example, you replace the flat nozzle when vacuuming in crevices, along the edges of walls, floors, between carpets and baseboards… This device is also useful when cleaning sofa cushions, narrow door sills. . The brush-type nozzle set usually has a soft-bristled brush, which helps sweep dust on upholstery, curtains, … When cleaning stairs, upholstery, carpets, you replace the bar-shaped nozzle is appropriate.

Always clean the filter and litter box

Vacuum cleaners must be kept clean at all times in order to stay in optimal operating condition. The machine cannot work well when it is full of dust and dirt. Therefore, always empty the trash can, clean the filter before shooting. You must also check that the beater section is not blocked, the brush roller is free to rotate. Absolutely do not let the wire, hair, … wrap around the brush part of the suction head. Use your hand to face the straw to feel the suction and see how strong it is. In case of weak suction, you should check the hose for blockage.

Clean the room before pressing the phone

To save time, before operating the vacuum cleaner, you should clean the room first. Please clean up the space to be less cluttered, furniture needs to be compacted. Should pick up hard, large objects to avoid the possibility of them getting caught, causing damage to the vacuum cleaner. Wipe down areas where there is water in puddles, as they can stick to dust, clogging the filter.

Steps of vacuuming

With carpeted floors, if you can’t turn the carpet over, use a flat nozzle to vacuum in the gap between the wall and the carpet. After the four sides of the room are clean, you can switch to using a stick or roller brush to vacuum the carpet surface. Need to adjust the height of the suction head to suit the carpet, do not press on the carpet too hard, they may cause carpet hair loss. Also do not do the opposite, dust may not be sucked away. Grab the vacuum cleaner and draw slow, long, smooth lines across the carpet surface. Most vacuums need at least two passes through a carpet to effectively remove dust. Should suck from left to right, top to bottom. In the sofas, cabinets …, you change to the round nozzle for easy manipulation.

In case you can turn the carpet over, first vacuum the carpet, then roll it up and vacuum the floor, before putting the carpet back in place.

Note, for hard floors (wooden surfaces, laminate floors, ceramic tiles…) the suction head should be the type with cloth-covered rollers.

Hard surfaces don’t pick up dirt like carpets, so you only need to vacuum the surface once. The correct operation is still to start along one edge of the room, vacuuming slowly in a grid pattern to ensure the entire room is cleaned.

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