How to turn on and off WiFi calling in Samsung smartphone, here’s the whole process

Samsung Smartphone Wifi Calling: When Wi-Fi calling was first introduced, it was considered a ‘threat’ for network calling. Later on, telecom service providers started adding Wi-Fi calling facility to provide better calling quality for their iffy networks.

Wi-Fi calling is somewhat similar to VoIP calling, except that it works with your regular phone dialer rather than as a separate app. The Wi-Fi calling feature uses the Wi-Fi network connected to the smartphone to make calls in situations where the network quality is poor.

Most of the latest smartphones now support this feature. Samsung phones also support it and it is available on their mid-range phones as well. However, if you are wondering whether you have Wi-Fi calling enabled on your Samsung smartphone or not, then follow our step by step guide for Samsung smartphones.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling

  • First of all open Settings on your Samsung smartphone.
  • Now go to Connections.
  • Now look for Wi-Fi Calling option and to turn on Wi-Fi calling on your device, turn on the toggle next to the Wi-Fi calling option.

How to disable Wi-Fi calling

  • First go to Settings and tap on Connections.
  • Here, turn off the toggle in front of the Wi-Fi calling option to disable it.
  • Note, that to be able to use Wi-Fi calling, you need to connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network.

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