How to take care of money tree

Money tree is an interior plant chosen by many families for indoor decoration because of its easy care and ability to thrive in almost any location.

Money tree (scientific name Zamiokulkas zamiifolia), native to East Africa. Money needles have glossy, dark green leaves. Here are some notes when taking care of the money tree.

Money tree is suitable for indoor environment. Photo: The Spruce


Money tree tolerates pretty much all light levels except strong direct sunlight. As a result, it is a great plant for beginners. It can live anywhere, as long as the room has a window.


Kim money needs well-drained soil, pH from neutral to slightly acidic (6.0 – 7.0). For better soil drainage, you can add a little sand or perlite.


Thanks to the thick roots, the money tree is drought tolerant. Plants should be watered only when the soil is completely dry, usually about every two weeks depending on the conditions. When watering, water until you see water run out at the bottom of the pot, then pour off excess water.


Money can live well in a residential environment. They do not tolerate low temperatures (below 7 degrees), so they should be kept away from drafts or particularly cold locations.


In general, money needles do not need frequent fertilization. However, if you want to increase the size or vitality of the plant, you can apply a diluted fertilizer once – twice during the growing season (early spring).


All parts of the coin contain calcium oxalate, so people, dogs and cats who eat it will be in danger.

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