How to show love to women

A small gift, understanding, an intimate hug or sometimes just sincere words also makes women feel happy.

Men or women all want to receive attention from their spouse, friends, family members. Women may love materially, but a man cooks a meal by himself and gives encouragement when having difficulties in life to help his sisters see themselves loved and respected.


Ms. Nguyen Linh, 33 years old and Hoang Chu 38 years old have been married for 6 years. The time was not long but not short, but there were so many joys and sorrows. Happiness is hard to put into words when they both become fathers and become mothers for the first time. But, you and your wife used to have a “cold war” time all week.

Sometimes when my child was sick, Linh stayed up all night hard, and the next day she was busy going to work. Mr. Chu is a construction engineer who also regularly works for a long time. There was a time, the two separated, the meals were less and less together. Later, Mr. Chu also reallocated his work, took care of his children with his wife, and supported the housework.

“Women need understanding. Sometimes my wife doesn’t say she’s sad or worried. I still care, support, and gradually both find a common voice,” said Mr. Chu.

Giving gifts is one of the ways to express men’s feelings for women. Artwork: Source: Venesa.

Give a gift

Since childhood, Viet Thanh and Hai Phong have never been disrespectful to their mother. His attitude to life and thinking is influenced by his father. His parents are both village school teachers but have a happy married life. 30 years, he has never seen grandparents quarrel loudly.

Since childhood, Thanh has had a habit of giving gifts to his mother, even if only small items such as hairpins and slippers. Later, after graduating from college, going to work, he gave his mother health gifts such as a milk box, a cushion for the elderly.

Since having his own family, besides taking care of his mother, he has not forgotten to take care of his wife. A year, the number of times he gives gifts to his mother and wife is not much, but he always chooses meticulously. Celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20, he presented his wife with a set of cosmetics from the Venesa brand. He personally went to the kitchen, actively washed the dishes to clean the house. As for her mother, Thành ordered a treadmill for her to exercise every day.

Show affection through words

Love has many ways to show, apart from actions, care, words of love at the right time is a way for men to show their feelings in the other half of the world. Wishing to create a memorable anniversary for Vietnamese women, recently, Venesa has launched the campaign “Love needs to say”.

The program helps thousands of men send gifts with love messages for the woman beside them. Venesa spreads the positive values ​​of expressing feelings in building and nurturing relationships.

In parallel, Venesa has promotions up to 30% for customers to buy products, taking place from October 15 to 22.

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