How to send Diwali greetings message on WhatsApp, send WhatsApp message to 256 people simultaneously

Be it Diwali or some other festival, people nowadays send congratulatory messages to their acquaintances through phone and message. In this case, messages are sent to WhatsApp the most. But there is a limit on sending messages in WhatsApp, you cannot forward messages to more than 5 people or groups together. In such a situation, many people have a lot of trouble sending messages on WhatsApp. Today, we are telling you about a feature of WhatsApp through which you can send messages to 256 people simultaneously. Actually, there is a feature called New Broadcast in your WhatsApp with which you can send messages to 256 people simultaneously. If you want, you can create different groups of people from your friends, family and office. Save these groups by giving some names accordingly. Now you can send any message according to you. However, for this all the numbers have to be saved in your phone. This feature can be used by both Android and iOS users. Let’s know what a trick is

Android How users Use

First of all, open Whatsapp in your phone and go to the chat option. Now click on the three dots appearing in the right-most corner. Here you will see the New Broadcast option. Now select the names of the one you want to include in this list, then click on the green tick shown in the lower right side. Your list will be ready and you can send messages, videos, photos or any file without grouping many people at once. You can also give any name to this group.

iOS How to use users

IOS users open Whatsapp on their iPhone. Now go to the Chats tab at the bottom of the screen and click on the broadcast list on the top right side. Now you can make a list by adding more than 200 people. Now those whom you want to send messages can send together.


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