How to properly clean the washing machine?

Even if you use the best laundry detergent or all-natural products, it’s important to clean your washing machine at least twice a year.

Experts from Reader Digest, USA, to clean your washing machine, follow these steps:

With top load washing machine

Borax powder (welded): 400g

White vinegar: 3 liters.

Cotton towels.

First you pour the borax powder into the washing tub, then pour in white vinegar and choose the hot water washing mode with the longest washing time.

After the machine has finished running, use a soft and dry cloth to clean the drum. Leave the washing machine lid open to dry.

In addition, you should also clean the detergent drawer with vinegar after you have finished cleaning the entire tub. Samsung’s washing machine expert advises that you should take out the detergent and softener drawer from time to time to clean.

With front loading washing machine

The things you still need are borax, vinegar, and a clean cotton towel. You pour the solder into the washing tub, gently rotate the cage to spread it evenly. Then, pour the vinegar into the bleach dispenser. Run the washing machine on the hottest water setting and the longest cycle. When you’re done, clean the cages, then open the washing machine door to let them dry naturally.

How to clean the washing machine filter?

It is very important to clean the lint filter of your washing machine after each cycle. You need to clean this part 3-4 times a year.

First, turn off the power, open the filter cover (usually located in the lower corner, the front of the washing machine), put a towel under the filter door to prevent residual dirty water from flowing out.

Grab the top of the filter bag, rotate it slightly to remove it, and then clean the residue on the filter element. If the residue is too thick, you can use a small soft-bristled brush.

You should disassemble the sediment filter, soak the filter mesh in water for a while to remove dirt and residue, in the meantime, clean the filter compartment. When it’s all dry, you put it all back in place.

How often should washing machine be cleaned?

According to Patric Richardson, founder of The Laundry Evangelist, which specializes in laundry equipment, it all depends on your machine and the washing capacity. If your clothes are clean, less dusty, you can clean the washing machine twice a year. But your clothes are often dirty or greasy, so clean the machine every three months.

Cleaning the outside of the washing machine

The inside of the washing machine isn’t the only place you need to clean. Dirt, stains and water that accumulate on the outside of the washing machine also need to be treated. “Mild detergents and damp cloths are useful products, helping to remove most stains from the outside of a washing machine,” says Samsung laundry expert.

Thuy Linh (According to Reader’s Digest)


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