How to make the house minimalist?

Minimalism means keeping only the items that add value to your life and discarding the rest.

Kim Livengood of Sarasota, Florida (USA), said she kept the Vogue to Seventeen magazines she had collected since the age of 14 and felt nostalgic not wanting to give them up. It was only when she sold her old house to move into a new house with her husband that she gave up that issue of the magazine. This made her learn to accept a new way of life. Livengood admits that letting go of items that used to be very difficult, but after being brave, she feels a lot lighter.

Livengood isn’t the only one with such thoughts. In recent years, minimalism has been a popular trend, especially during a pandemic, when people are staying at home more and starting to ask: “What adds value their lives?”.

Kim Livengood with the wardrobe and jewelry at her old house before she decided to get rid of most of the rarely used items to lead a minimalist life. Photo: Character provided.

Joshua Fields Millburn, author of the book Love People, Use Things: Because the Opposite Never Works Point out, minimalism is not about living in a white house with empty walls and no furniture. The correct definition of theism Minimalism is keeping what enhances your life and discarding what doesn’t. Statistics show that an average home in the US has about 300,000 items, and only minimalism can help you sift through those items.

According to the book’s author, clutter is linked to stress and anxiety, and can even lead to a habit of overeating junk food. This can have a negative impact on many other areas of life, says Fields Millburn.

How to start a minimalist life? According to experts, you should start with the following steps,

Get rid of things/things that don’t add value to your life

Financial expert Fields Millburn says you should ask yourself, “How can I make my life better with less?” The answer will help you understand the problem. For example, you may want to give up your shopping habits to be more financially free, or you may want to reduce your work commitments so you can spend more time with family, friends… “Understand. The reasoning behind simplification gives you the leverage you need to start letting go and helps you understand what’s redundant,” explains Fields Millburn.

Get rid of “room in time” items

You often hoard things with the mindset that “sometimes it’s needed”. You can even keep thousands of items in your home for a hypothetical future that doesn’t exist, when in reality, you can just spend a few dollars to buy them if needed. Therefore, it is best to leave them out. The rare exception to this is first aid kits, fire equipment…

Photo and newspaper

Give yourself permission to get rid of old photos, newspapers, coupons, bills and statements, contracts… that you can save electronically or print anytime if needed. When you clean out the boxes and boxes that you put these things in, you’ll find everything a lot neater.

Damaged, expired goods

You may have a chipped commemorative mug, a broken necklace, a broken fan, a dead clock, a box that has lost its lid… In your cupboard there may also be expired things like medicine, food, makeup… It’s time to put them all away. Their value is over, but what belongs to the memories will always be in your heart, that’s what matters.

Duplicate items

You can find dozens of spoons of all kinds in the house or pens, lighters, mugs… Take a day to sort, sort and see what to get rid of.

Things you never use again

You often think “no harm in keeping them, no harm. However, they are making your house gradually crowded: shoes don’t fit, clothes are too tight, drinks, foods. lining, gifts you are given but don’t like… It’s better to give it to someone suitable.

This also applies to items you once bought for an instant favorite but then put away, for example sewing machines, drawing kits, knitting supplies, dog tools, etc. Giving it back to you who really loves is also a very useful mindset change.

Things that bring back bad memories

Items that evoke unpleasant memories should be “released”, for example books, mementos given by ex-lovers… Clean up your space to welcome new experiences.

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