How to make potted plants in the house survive the Tet holiday

Surely one of your worries when going on vacation is plants and pets. No one wants after the holidays, the potted plants in the house become wilted.

Here are some ways to help you get out of this “nightmare”.

1. Use a rope

To do this you need a bucket or pot, pot and rope. Maybe a cotton clothesline because it absorbs water very well. Cut a long piece of cotton string to the bottom of the water container. Fill with water, making sure the rope touches the bottom of the container.

The other end is plugged into the ground, close to the base of the tree. Take care not to disturb the roots. The cotton rope will slowly bring water into the pot, maintaining moisture in the soil.

2. Use a drip irrigation bottle

Some people use glass spheres that plug into pots for watering, but you don’t have to spend money, as you can easily create your own version.

Using an empty plastic bottle, drill a few holes near the mouth of the bottle. Before going back to the countryside, pour water into a bottle and then pour it back down into the pot. Make sure the soil covers the top of the bottle firmly.
The water will slowly flow out of the bottle as the soil dries. The larger the pot, the larger the water tank should be used.

How to make indoor potted plants survive the Tet holiday - 1

3. Shower for potted plants

For pots with good drainage, you can give them a bath while away. Pour a moderate amount of water into a pot, then place the plant in. The soil will stay moist and keep the plant sufficiently hydrated for up to a week.

How to make indoor potted plants survive the Tet holiday - 2

4. Greenhouse method

How to let indoor potted plants survive the Tet holiday - 3

This method is unique and works well for long stays. Get a clear plastic bag, big enough to cover the plant and pot. Insert a few more sticks into the pot to prevent the bag from sticking to the plant. Water the plant as usual, making sure not to over-water.

Place the plant in the bag, pull up, blow up the bag before tying it closed. This will keep the bag taut and won’t touch the leaves.

Place the plant in indirect light (direct sunlight will heat the bag and possibly kill the plant). This mini greenhouse will hold the water as it evaporates and water it back to the plants.

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