How to make glass mirrors in the house always shiny

Even with regular cleaning, you are likely to encounter a situation where mirrors and glass in the house have blurred streaks and “unpleasant” deposits.

According to cleaning expert Melissa Maker and author of Clean My Space (USA), glass cleaning can be caused by two factors: choosing the wrong cleaning cloth or using the wrong cleaning technique.

Melissa Maker points out the best cleaning technique: Move the towel in an S-shape. After spraying the glass cleaner, take a microfiber cloth and place it on the top right corner of the mirror. Then you drag left, drag down, then right again, and repeat the action above. Specifically, you move the towel in an S-shape, instead of wiping in a circular motion. This technique will help prevent dirt from remaining on the cleaned glass.

In addition, there are two basic rules you need to keep in mind.

Do not wipe the mirror with a tissue

Paper towels are a convenient option but are not suitable for cleaning mirrors. Paper towels or other long-haired towels leave lint on the mirror surface, not to mention the waste because they have to be thrown away after use. For that, the Maker expert recommends using a microfiber cloth instead.

Do not abuse mirror cleaners

The more you spray, the harder it will be for you to wipe it off. To avoid product abuse, according to RealSimple, you should spray cleaning solution on your microfiber cloth, wipe down part of the mirror surface, and then repeat that process until the entire mirror or glass door is gone. This will also prevent liquid from running along the surface and creating dull marks.

According to the instructions of the cleaning expert from Tomsguide, for mirrors and glass in rooms that are prone to steam or can get stuck in toothpaste, hairspray, chalk… , you also have an effective solution: alcohol use. The included tools include: alcohol, cotton pad, microfiber cloth, empty spray bottle. You put alcohol on cotton wool, soft cloth, then dab on the residue, stains until they dissolve. Dot rather than brush, as you may scratch the mirror surface.

After this stage, you pour white vinegar diluted with water into a spray bottle, shake well and spray a moderate amount on the mirror surface, then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

For the bathroom mirror, to prevent the mirror system from fogging, you can put a drop of dishwashing liquid on a microfiber cloth, then wipe it on the mirror surface. Clean the mirror. Thanks to this trick, the mirror will no longer be foggy for several weeks.

Thuy Linh (According to Housedigest, Tomsguide)


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