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Pumpkin milk soup, potato beef porridge, sour cabbage ribs soup… are delicious and nutritious dishes suitable for anorexia children, simple and easy to make.

Anorexia is one of the most common problems faced by nursing mothers. When this situation occurs, the baby tends to eat less, the total energy and nutrients absorbed each day do not meet the body’s needs. As a result, children will be malnourished, stunted, slow to gain weight, and gain height.

Sharing about the principles of building menus for anorexia children, according to BS.CKI Pham Do Uyen – Nutrihome Chief Doctor Hoang Van Thu, Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic System, parents should pay attention to ensure that according to the nutritional pyramid, food group balance. Parents should not think that the menu needs to include a lot of meat, fish or nutritious food, the most important thing is to have enough nutrients and a balance of nutrient groups.

In addition, parents need to prepare a variety of dishes. Parents should not keep forever a way of processing chopped, crushed food into a mixture of porridge, diluted rice. Mothers should refer to more ways to cook for children with anorexia richer such as: pan frying, tearing, steaming, cooking soup, making cakes, broken rice,… Decorate dishes beautifully, spend time Time to prepare more new dishes in terms of taste and color is also a way to stimulate children’s eagerness to enjoy food.

Doctor Uyen suggests 7 delicious dishes that mothers can refer to to diversify the daily menu for anorexic children.

Grated carrot porridge

Ingredients: One glass of rice (small drinking glass); 10 glasses of filtered water; grated carrots; colander.

Method: Wash the rice briefly to remove all remaining dirt; put the rice in the pot and add 10 cups of water, then cook until the rice boils, then reduce the heat to low and continue to cook for about 15-20 minutes; turn off the stove and incubate for the next 15-20 minutes; pour the porridge into the sieve to filter the porridge, use a large spoon to rub the porridge so that the porridge passes through the sieves; Mix porridge with grated carrot and stir well.

Pumpkin milk soup

Ingredients: Celery (20 g, chopped), 3 potatoes (peeled, cut into cubes), avocado (20 g), pumpkin (900 g), 355 ml fresh milk, one teaspoon salt, turmeric powder (one teaspoon), 1/2 teaspoon white sugar, one ginger root (thinly sliced), chicken broth (one can), one onion (finely chopped).

Method: Peel the pumpkin, cut it into small pieces, then cook it for 5 minutes; if using infant formula, parents should prepare more to have 60 ml of milk; saute onion, celery with butter until soft; add chicken broth, salt, sugar, ginger and stir well; Next, parents put pumpkin and potatoes in, bring to a boil, then reduce heat, stew for 15-20 minutes until squash and potatoes are soft; Reduce the heat on the stove, put the mixture in a blender and then pour it back into the pot; Add fresh milk, stir well, heat again.

Pumpkin milk soup contains a lot of vitamin A, eye-catching color with a fatty taste, stimulating taste. Photo: Freepik

Snakehead fish nutrition porridge

Ingredients: Plain rice, 200g glutinous rice, 50g green onions, 200g dried onions, 3 dried garlic bulbs, 2 fresh chillies, fish sauce, seasoning seeds, salt, main noodles and cooking oil, 200g mushrooms ( washed, cut in half), dill, perilla, scallions washed, finely chopped, a pound of snakehead fish.

Method: Clean the scales, wash the slime, remove the fishy smell of the fish, use salt, lemon or ginger to rub on the body of the fish, then rinse with water, drain, filter the meat, head, and bones to private. The bones, tail, and head of fish pour water into the cellar for 20-40 minutes. Then, parents use the broth to cook porridge. Depending on the serving size, you can add the appropriate amount of broth.

Separately, the fish meat is cut into thin slices, then marinated with a mixture of: a tablespoon of fish sauce, a teaspoon of seasoning seeds, teaspoon of pepper, 1/2 number of onions, minced garlic, marinated About 40-50 minutes for the fish to absorb the spices. The first part, fish bones are brought to the stew and then filtered to get the broth. Parents mix plain rice, glutinous rice, wash it, drain it, then put it in a pot of broth, cook porridge with low heat.

Then, parents put a tablespoon of oil in the pan, when the oil is hot, add the remaining minced onion and garlic to fry. Then add the marinated snakehead fish meat to the island, quickly stir on high heat until the fish is golden, hunted, and fragrant, then turn off the stove. After the porridge is simmered, you season it with: salt, seasoning, monosodium glutamate, and pepper to suit your family’s taste. Finally, the chef put the cooked fish meat and mushrooms into the porridge pot, cook for about 2-3 minutes, then add pepper, scallions, dill, perilla to stir well, turn off the heat and finish.

Porridge of beef, potatoes, carrots

Ingredients: 2/3 bowl of white porridge, 20 g of chopped carrots; 30 g minced beef, 1/3 cup water.

Method: Beef washed, minced; peeled carrots, washed and chopped like beef; mix the carrots and beef with about ⅓ cup of water so that they are evenly mixed; washing rice; Put the carrot and beef mixture into the porridge and bring to a boil, add a little oil; When the porridge is boiling, remove the pot from the stove to let the porridge cool down so that the baby can eat it.

Pork ribs soup

Ingredients: 300 g ribs, 2 tomatoes, 300 g pickles, minced garlic, one dried onion and seasoning

Method: Wash ribs, blanch in boiling water and drain; sauteed tomatoes with dried onions, minced garlic; add melon and stir fry for 5-10 minutes; For the blanched ribs, add water and braise for 20-30 minutes.

Beef stewed radish

Ingredients: White radish, carrot, beef, garlic, green onion, tomato sauce, spices.

Method: Wash ingredients, cut carrots and radish into squares, scallions and minced garlic; beef cut into squares and then marinated with spices; stir-fry beef until cooked and then put on a plate; for garlic, onions to fry, add tomato sauce, add beef; simmer for about 70 minutes, when the water boils, add radishes and carrots to the soft stew.

Fried eggs are easy to make, provide enough protein and essential omega-3 fats for children.  Photo: Freepik

Fried eggs are easy to make, provide enough protein and essential omega-3 fats for children. Photo: Freepik

Fried egg with vegetables

Ingredients: Chicken eggs; potatoes, carrots.

Method: Cut and grate potatoes into small pieces, soak in water for 5 minutes; finely chopped carrots; beat eggs mixed with potatoes, carrots, add spices and beat well; Put the mixture in a pan and fry until golden brown on both sides.

Dr. Uyen further noted that parents should limit their children from eating junk food, canned food, fried food, fried food with a lot of fat,… These dishes are low in nutrition and not good for digestion. , creating a feeling of fullness, making the baby more hungry. You can give your baby snacks with easy-to-digest, healthy foods like yogurt or fruit, 2-3 hours away from the main meal.

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