How to look 3 years younger in 8 weeks

The method to help reverse the aging process of Dr. Kara Fitzgerald (USA) is completely based on diet and lifestyle.

Award-winning Dr. Kara Fitzgerald on DNA methylation – a way to help people stay young, healthy and live longer.

1. Diet

When it comes to reversing biological age, Fitzgerald recommends changing your daily diet. A good diet should include nutritious foods, herbs and spices. It is green vegetables and colorful vegetables like beets, herbs or other plants like turmeric, green tea. “When used in combination, these have the potential to change our genetic expression in a more youthful direction,” says Kara.

Other nutrient-rich foods she recommends are avocados, red oranges, blueberries, green apples, clean animal proteins like eggs, grass-fed beef, hill chicken, organic pork, lamb, and salmon. and the monounsaturated, saturated, omega 3 and omega 6 fats found in many nuts.

Your carbohydrate intake (mainly in grains) should not exceed 35% of your calories.

Make sure to sleep 7 hours a day to stay young and healthy. Photo: Alamy

2. Moderate exercise

Moderate exercise every day promotes cell repair, sweat detoxification and fat burning, good for the heart. According to Kara, not exercising can reduce life expectancy in the same way as smoking.

One caveat is that the exercises useful for circadian age reduction don’t have to be intense. Specifically, in Karra’s study, just training five days a week, half an hour each time.

“You’ll sweat a little. It’s not hard at all. What’s important is consistency,” she says. Seniors should practice a lifestyle that includes being active, such as walking around town, gardening, dancing, cleaning the house, or cycling.

3. Stress relief

In addition to diet, stress is the leading cause of premature aging. “Stress is like pouring gasoline on the flames of aging,” she says.

You can reduce stress with meditation, yoga or tai chi – both have a really good effect on our DNA, making us younger.

Kara advises people to meditate twice a day for 10 minutes each time. Sometimes listening to podcasts, playing with pets, or being with loved ones can also help reduce anxiety and other stressors.

4. Sleep

Adequate rest is key to maintaining biological youthfulness. Getting at least seven hours of sleep per night not only helps keep your energy levels high during the day, but is also beneficial for healthy DNA methylation.

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