how to keep iphone battery health 100% know what to keep in mind

If the battery health of your iPhone is less than 70 percent, then it is better that you replace the battery. However, if you have a new iPhone with 100 percent battery life, you can use proper charging technology and follow some tips to keep your iPhone battery at 100 percent. In such a situation, if you are using a new iPhone, then this story will be useful for you.

Ours iPhone Update to the new software. To update your device, iPhone Go to Settings and then to General. Now tap on Software Update option. If a new update is available, tap on it to get started.

You can also maintain your phone’s battery life by adjusting your screen brightness and using a Wi-Fi connection. To increase battery life, you can reduce the screen brightness of the iPhone or turn on the auto brightness.

Another way to extend your battery life is through low power mode. You will get a notification when your phone’s battery is reduced to 20 percent. Then you can turn on Low Power Mode with one tap. Also, you have to turn off the background activity feature to extend the battery life. Apart from this, iPhone users can also turn off Location.

It is also important to note that, you cannot increase your battery health to 100 percent. If the battery of your phone is already depleted, then there is no other way but to replace the battery. Since the reduction in battery power is directly proportional to the chemical composition of the battery and once it is down, there is no way to get it back to 100 percent.

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