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Homeowners can take advantage of artificial lighting, mirrors, tiles … to improve the lack of light and darkness in the bathroom without windows.

The lack of natural light seriously affects the user experience. Therefore, in case the bathroom cannot open windows to catch natural light, homeowners should do the following to improve the space, providing a better experience:

Make use of artificial light

Utilizing artificial light from lamps is the best method to eliminate the darkness in this space. However, homeowners should consider the amount of artificial light depending on their own preferences and usage needs and family members.

If you want the bathroom to be a relaxing, cozy spa-like place to relax, homeowners can minimize the number of lights and mount them on the ceiling enough to provide soothing illumination. Besides, some candles or flashing light effects also help increase health care effects.

Homeowners should install lamps depending on usage needs and preferences. Image: HGTV

In addition, homeowners can install additional lighting equipment such as bathtubs, mirrors, vanity … to provide more harmonious and comfortable lighting in the necessary areas.

Conversely, if you like the bathroom with bright light, homeowners can install strong light sources, especially white light. Not only does it help the room look wider and brighter, white light also has the closest effect to natural effects.

Choose a bright color

Windowless bathrooms require light-colored walls, floors, furniture … to minimize the feeling of darkness. In which, white is the color that gives the best effect. This color gamut can reflect, amplify existing light, creating a sense of spaciousness and brighter.

However, an all-white space will be monotonous and dull. Therefore, the homeowner should add a few more vibrant colors, contrasting with the white background like a picture, a few brick walls, small accessories … to create a newer atmosphere when using use. Especially, if the bathing area and other facilities are separated by a colorful shower curtain, it will make the user’s mood happier.

Create reflective details

When there are no windows, the homeowner needs to create some details to amplify the available light in the room. One of the best solutions is to create a reflective surface with non-light absorbing materials such as mirrors, glass, polished metal, lucite … In addition, wall cladding with shiny tiles is an effective remedy for a windowless bathroom.

Mirrors are one of the best choices for a windowless bathroom.  Photo: HGTV

Mirrors are one of the best choices for a windowless bathroom. Image: HGTV

However, the best choice is to install a mirror. Besides doing well the above functions, this item also helps to expand space and depth. Homeowners can take advantage of mirrors in many places such as large walls, on sinks, room doors, bathrooms …

Add bonsai

Plants are considered a non-natural filter and can create a pleasant and fresh feeling for the user. A bathroom without a window can lead to air circulation, which allows mold to grow. Therefore, bonsai will help eliminate unpleasant odors.

However, homeowners should choose plants that can thrive in low-light environments such as Boston fern, castor tree, rich tree, tiger blade, Italian orchid (peace lily) …

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