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Parents treat the burn by soaking the burn in cool water, removing clothing near the burn, covering the injury with soft gauze, and reducing pain for the child.

Children are not aware of the dangers from the surrounding environment, when playing, they are prone to accidents such as falls, burns, foreign objects in their eyes, nose… In which, the injuries when children are burned are often complicated, the way First aid depends on the cause of the burn. Follow WebMDthere are 4 steps of burn treatment that are recommended to apply.

Soak the burn: Place the burned area in cool (not too cold) water or under running water, keep the wound in the water for at least 5-15 minutes. Adults should not use ice on burns.

Remove burnt clothes: If the child is burned with clothing sticking to the skin, parents must not peel it off, but must keep it, proceed to cut off the clothes around the burn, to avoid injury from scratches.

Cover the burn: Use nonstick gauze or a clean, soft cloth to cover the minor burn. If there is antibiotic ointment in the house, parents can apply it to the child. Adults are advised not to put oil, grease or toothpaste on the blisters because they can easily lead to infection.

Pain relief: Parents can use pain relievers for children, but should consult the doctor first.

Children with burns need special care. Image: Freepik

According to the Ministry of Health, depending on the cause of the burn, the treatment for the burn will be different. Specifically:

Burns of boiling water, burns of fire: Parents need to quickly remove the child from the source of the burn, cool the burn for about 15-10 minutes. Clean water has the effect of reducing heat, reducing pain, reducing edema, inflammation, and reducing the depth of wounds. Next, parents remove hard objects on the burn area, cover the burn area with sterile gauze. If there is no gauze, an adult can use a clean cloth, as a psychological measure to reduce the child’s panic. Then, parents give the child water to drink, put the baby in a lying position. If the burn is more severe, it is necessary to transfer the child to the nearest medical facility for timely treatment.

Motorcycle bonnet: Similar to boiling water burns, parents need to comfort children to cooperate when dealing with burns. Then, cool the burned skin under running water for a few minutes, apply ointment to the burn. In the following days, parents should bandage the burn, apply medicine to the bandage before the bandage will help the baby less painful. Parents should change the dressing frequently and wash the wound with saline once daily. In case of suspected infection or child experiencing health abnormalities, parents should take the child to a medical facility.

Sunburn: Children’s skin is sensitive to harmful ultraviolet rays, long exposure to the sun puts them at high risk of skin burns over a large area, causing danger. In the summer, when parents let their children go out, they should prepare sunscreen, wear long-sleeved clothes when going out in the sun. If unfortunately burned, parents need to take the child to a shady place or a cold room, give the child cool water to drink, and soothe the red burned areas with a topical medication or cream applied after going out in the sun. Parents should note that children should not be exposed to direct sunlight for at least 48 hours, if they have blisters or signs of heatstroke, call a doctor.

In the case of children with chemical burns, electric shock, the burned area is white, burns on the face, hands, feet, genitals or joints, the burn covers 10% of the muscle … parents must take the child to a medical facility specializing in burns for care, do not arbitrarily handle without instructions.

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