How to get rid of envy in the office?

A new study by the organization Skynova, USA found that 42% of employees surveyed said they felt jealous of their colleagues, at least once a week.

“Jealousy of a co-worker is a complex emotion that many people face,” said Bri Godwin Huyke, a spokesman for Skynova, a small business research and support organization in Pennsylvania.

What causes envy in the workplace? Money is the top cause, with 32% of respondents citing salary as the biggest reason they feel uncomfortable with the people they work with.

Godwin Huyke points out, other main causes of conflict in the workplace are promotions and career achievements. In general, respondents said that feelings of envy are fueled after awards ceremonies, plus co-workers who like to brag.

So, if you find yourself jealous of your co-workers, don’t worry, that’s completely normal. It’s important to be aware of this emotion and avoid letting it explode, as it can have a negative impact on your career if left unchecked.

Research and survey results of Skynova on the rate and causes of feelings of envy in the office environment. Screenshots.

What do you need to do to deal with jealousy at work?

Realize that jealousy can affect self-motivation

Experiencing jealousy can affect your motivation and commitment to work. Therefore, the first step to dealing with this situation in a positive way is to realize how affected you are by the emotion.

Godwin Huyke said, while some people say that jealousy makes them less motivated and hard to work hard because they believe they won’t achieve the same recognition as their colleagues, others say jealousy motivates them to work harder.

Always self-aware

Maintaining self-awareness is key, as it not only helps you gauge how your job satisfaction is affected, it also allows you to take action to feel better.

“The important thing is that you should evaluate what you envy your colleagues for?. Ask yourself, is it something you can also achieve? If envy makes you feel difficult. It’s best to separate yourself from that colleague, to avoid feelings of hostility in the workplace,” the expert advises.

In addition, you should also avoid colleagues who brag about their salary increase, promotion, this is good for your mental health. Next steps could include investing in professional development, talking to your boss or human resources to find your own opportunities.

In addition, experts recommend that you use jealousy as a basis to find out why your colleagues get a raise or promotion? What they did might be to help you see a specific direction and act on it, if it fits your needs and abilities.

Cheer instead of competition

What if you turned all your jealousy into positive actions for your co-workers, for example congratulating them?

“Some people think envy in the workplace is inevitable. In general, try to stay positive. Be happy to congratulate your colleagues on the achievements and praise them,” Godwin Huyke speak.

You may feel sad that you weren’t in that position, but the more you praise others, the more positive energy you will have to put your goals into action.

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