How to fix it when you forget to make a window pane

After the plasterers finished plastering, I discovered that they did not make the window panes. I asked to redo it but the worker said that the scaffolding had been removed and could not be repaired. What should I do?

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Umbrellas are an indispensable part of today’s housing design. Normally, the umbrella protrudes 40-50 cm, but in some special cases, it depends on the length and width of the window frame to design accordingly. The main function of the window umbrella is to cover the rain and sun.

One case did not make the car or window panes even though the work was in the finishing stage. Illustration: Nguyen Hong

Architect Truong Thanh Trung said that if the current status of the windowless window is left as shared by readers, after a while, the water will seep in from the outside. The reason is that changes in weather cause the gasket and glue system of the window frame to break down, causing water infiltration.

The construction of windows without a window, comes from reasons such as building a house without drawings, if any, but also lacks details or the builders are too irresponsible. Finally, the landlord does not monitor regularly. If detected right from the rough construction, there is a timely treatment plan, do not have to wait until the plaster is completed as in the case of readers.

Problem solution

In case your house has a design, you should talk to an architect to thoroughly handle this problem. The later repair is not only a window covering but also related to the facade architecture of the building.

In addition, you also have to consider how the armor on the side of the window is. If that side is the neighbor’s land, it certainly can’t make the umbrella fall into the land boundary. According to construction regulations as well as regulations of the Ministry of Construction, windows, ventilation doors, ventilation doors, doors… can only be opened when they are more than 2 m away from neighboring works. If it is bordering land, it is illegal for you to open a window like that.

If the window borders a public building or space, you can do the following:

Instead of pouring concrete to cover the windows, you can use iron-painted glass roofs to support the roof. This type of roof is made from tempered glass, laminated safety glass combined with a powder-coated iron frame to prevent rust and good oxidation. Or you can use a corrugated iron dome system to cover the outside of the window.

Painted glass roofs are the solution for windows that don't have panes.

Painted glass roofs are the solution for windows that don’t have panes.

Install a water stopper above the window to reduce the amount of rain that flows along the wall into the window pane.

Negotiate with the masons to have them pour the concrete slab and then punch the wall back. This work takes time and effort because the scaffolding has to be rebuilt.

Note: This shortcoming definitely needs to be handled promptly. If not only after a short time, the consequences are quite severe. At that time, the cost of waterproofing and wall waterproofing is not only more expensive, but construction will also take more time and complexity.

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