How to decorate a living room for a small apartment

Architects advise on layout of living room with kitchen, simple ceiling, choose smart furniture, add green space to make the apartment aesthetic and comfortable.

The ideas given in the program “F5 living room, breathe clean, live happily” organized by Funiki air conditioner in conjunction with Dai Phong Interior Architecture. Directly conceptualizing the designs is architect Mai Hoa from Dai Phong company. The program attracts the attention of many people who are looking for ideas to design or renovate the living room. From the pictures of the living room status sent by readers, the team of architects will advise on the design to create the ideal living space.

Ms. Mai Hoa said that to solve the problem of area, there are many design solutions to visually expand, helping small apartments look more spacious and airy while still ensuring full amenities and rich aesthetics.

Mai Hoa offers living room design options with an interior cost of VND 50 million, suitable for small apartments. Image: Characters provided

Open space

The modern living room design with open space helps to create the effect of expanding the space by reducing the view limit. Removing the separation of the walls, modern living rooms are often designed to connect with the kitchen to bring comfort and convenience to family members.

“The harmonious combination of light, space texture, color and furniture will create a perfect open living room,” said architect Mai Hoa.

Living room with kitchen is the optimal solution for small and medium apartments.  Photo: Funiki

Living room with kitchen is the optimal solution for small and medium apartments. Image: Funiki

Simple ceiling

With the living room in a small apartment, the ceiling should be simple to optimize the area. Should use flat plaster ceiling, can be leveled or not, arrange more small ceiling lights or ceiling fans for better air circulation.

Air conditioners are arranged on high, close to the ceiling and are usually located in the seating area or the dining table area to spread cold air into the space. Some current air conditioner models such as Hoa Phat’s Funiki have a 4-way air-swing function for fast cooling, cool air can be distributed to every corner of the house, from the ceiling down to the floor.

Exquisite furniture selection

The arrangement of oversized bulky furniture is almost taboo with the small living room space, creating a cramped and secretive feeling. Depending on the dominant design style, architects will choose delicate furniture with rounded lines or simple angles. Creativity in materials will make the space lively and not boring. In particular, smart furniture items will promote effective space saving, serving the needs of the homeowner’s comfortable living.

Besides furniture, electronic devices in the living room are “smartized” to increase comfort and improve quality of life. Smart home appliances in the living room such as TVs, robot vacuums, LED lights, air conditioners…

Smart home appliances are becoming more and more popular in modern homes.  Photo: Funiki

Smart home appliances are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. Image: Funiki

Smart devices are increasingly accessible, such as Funiki SmartCare+ smart air conditioner models for about 8 million VND, allowing Wi-Fi connection to control with smartphones. The machine integrates vitamin C and activated carbon filters, limiting UV rays from entering the external environment.

Along with Funiki SmartCare+, architect Mai Hoa also advises on the selection of standard Funiki air conditioners and energy-saving Inverter air conditioners with fast cooling. The price of 6-9 million VND is suitable for small and medium apartments, helping to save costs. All have 30-month warranty and integrated automatic cleaning of the indoor unit, helping to limit the frequency of cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners at home.

Bring nature into your living space

Using a lot of trees, natural wood materials, taking advantage of outdoor light are ways to bring nature into living space. As a result, homeowners can enjoy the peace and freshness as well as increase the aesthetic efficiency of the apartment.

Landscape painting, wall paint and furniture with natural colors such as turquoise, green, blue… also create accents for the living room.

The green patches help the living room become lovely and close.  Photo: Funiki

The green patches help the living room become lovely and close. Image: Funiki

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